we are the guardians of creation

               there while this is the planet of satan

               die religion der galaktischen nation

               the religion of the galactic nation


               la religion de la nacion galactica
               la religion de la nation galactique

               la religione della nazione galattica

               a religio da nacao galactica

              η θρησκεία του γαλαξι ακού έθνους

.... the science for a future organization ....

galactic central information

galactic foundation

galactic university
cosmic community
cosmic institute
cosmic report

der kapitalismus


darwinische auslese

darwinian selection

galaktische nation

galactic nation

galaktischer design

galactic design

galaktische entwickelung

galactic development

frei sein

to be free



warum religion

forum galaktische religion

why .... religion ?

communication galactic religion ?